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2 Million Bakes Later

2 Million Bakes Later

For my 30th birthday, Meg and I went to Jackson, Wyoming. At one of our first dinners, we ate with a man who holds the record for the fastest person to cross the southern United States on a bicycle and a woman who was the first and only woman to ski across the entire Alps mountain range, from Austria to France in 36 consecutive days. She had gotten back the day before. Inspired, I decided to order mixed veggies instead of french fries as my side.

Meg and I had gotten married a month prior so we at least had something to add to the world’s most interesting table. Somehow it came up we were in the beginning stages of working on a mobile app and considering starting a cookie company. The bike guy just happened to also be the founder of the Great American Cookie Company, former CEO of Caribou Coffee, and at one point a nominee for the U.S. Senate.

After the horseback riding and fly fishing, we got back to Los Angeles and decided to dig into the business and market opportunities in the ‘better for you’ baked goods space. We knew existing products did not taste good enough and we knew had our wedding prep cookie recipes that tasted great. (You can read more about our founding story here). Our product and our business plan would be totally unique and it just might work. Fresh off getting married, an awesome honeymoon, a new job (for me), an inspiring trip to Jackson, a mobile app that got us featured on the cover of a local magazine, we launched Bougie Bakes in June 2018.

Things started out slow- we knew nothing about everything. Meg built our website. Grace designed our logo (the same Grace who joined full-time as our Creative Director last month). I worked the phones and LinkedIn. It took us until October 15, 2018 to go live. Sort of: Meg and I were up from midnight to 4AM trying to figure out what the heck DNS domain verification was. Then we had to work our real jobs. But by 10AM, we finally started accepting orders. These minor, often times major/borderline catastrophic hiccups would become all too common and something we just had to be ready for as small business owners.

Shoutout to Cartier- the loading dock manager at the Post Office we used to frequent.

And here we are 2 million bakes later! We are still in the very early stages of our ride, but what a wild ride it has already been. We totally missed any “1 millionth bake sold” acknowledgement because we were so busy and tired. Having raccoons crawl over your car while waiting in the 2AM drive thru line at Wendy’s after spending 18 hours in the kitchen will do that you. At 2 million bakes, we are in a much better place. We have a great team, an awesome production facility and process, and more exciting plans than I can count.

I was our order packer in the early days while working full-time in sales. Here's me trying to keep track of cookie counts while leading a sales call. (I did not close the deal)
In 2018, I packed our orders while working full-time. Here's me trying to keep track of cookie counts while leading a sales call.
(I did not close this deal but got all the orders out on time!)


Meg and I are going be more active on this blog and share the crazy story that is Bougie Bakes. Like the time I borrowed $20 from brother at a Dodgers game to enter the 50/50 raffle, won the raffle, and used to money to help fund our kitchen buildout. Maybe I’ll save that one for the book?

In all seriousness, thank you to everyone who has helped us thus far and cheers to the next 2 million and beyond! (Buzz Lightyear voice)



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