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Why Dogs Sleep So Much

Why Dogs Sleep So Much

You may have noticed that your dog spends a lot of time sleeping. But why do they sleep so much and should you be concerned? Here’s everything you need to know about your dog’s sleep schedule so that you can keep them happy and healthy: 

How Much Should Dogs Sleep?


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We know that humans need about eight hours of sleep every day, but what about dogs? Adult dogs tend to sleep much more than humans — about 12 to 14 hours a day on average. However, puppies and senior dogs sleep even more — about 18 to 20 hours a day on average. 

Why Do Dogs Sleep So Much?

But why do dogs sleep so much? Well, dogs don’t have busy schedules like humans do. As a result, they’re able to simply go to sleep whenever they’re tired whereas humans have work, school, chores, and other obligations that keep us awake from sunrise to sunset. 

Essentially, a tired dog is an indication that your dog is happy and is living their best life. 

Other Indications of a Healthy and Happy Dog

At the same time, sleep is only one indicator of a healthy and happy dog. Here are some other things you should look for:

1. Healthy Weight, Fur, and Eyes

Healthy weight, fur, and eyes are indications of a healthy dog. At a healthy weight, your dog should have a defined waist. Your dog’s fur should be soft, shiny, and free of knotting and matting. Your dog’s eyes should be bright, clear, and free of discharge and inflammation.  

2. Your Dog Is Always Excited to See You

One of the best parts of the day is coming home to a dog that’s excited to see you. The tail wags and licks make working all day well worth it and are indications of a happy and healthy dog that enjoys your company and misses you when you’re away. 

3. Your Dog Is Always Wanting to Play


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Not all dogs want to play 24/7, but a playful and engaging dog is a sign that they’re happy and healthy. Whether it’s fetch, hide and seek, or tug of war, figure out what your dog’s favorite game is and play it with them on a regular basis. 

4. Your Dog Listens to You


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While not all dogs will listen to you all the time, a dog that listens to your directions or commands is a good sign. At the very least, your dog should respond to their name when you call it and come to you accordingly. 

5. Your Dog Follows You Around

Many dogs can be considered “shadow dogs” that follow their people around the house. This is a good sign and shows that your dog enjoys your company and wants to be close to you — wherever that may be. 

8 Tips to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy

It takes a lot of work to make sure that your dog stays happy and healthy throughout their life. Here are some tips from Bougie Bakes to help your dog live their best life: 

1. Feed Them the Right Food (and Treats)


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One of the best things you can do for your dog’s health is to ensure that they get proper nutrition through food and treats. Look for human-grade products with natural ingredients. Bougie Barks, for example, contain a handful of ingredients that are beneficial to your dog’s health and well-being. 

2. Teach Them Basic Commands

A trained dog is a happy dog! Your dog doesn’t need to know every trick in the book, but they should know basic commands for their own safety. For example, make sure to teach your dog how to sit, come, leave it, drop it, stay, and lie down. 

3. Give Them Enough Exercise

Different dogs need different amounts of exercise, but most dogs need at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. Make sure to take them on plenty of walks and run them when you can to ensure that they sleep well and maintain a healthy weight. 

4. Give Them Enough Mental Stimulation

In addition to physical exercise, dogs also need mental stimulation. In fact, dog experts say that 30 minutes of mental stimulation is equivalent to two hours of physical exercise. Some great forms of mental stimulation include training, nose work, puzzles, and obstacle courses. 

5. Take Them to the Vet for Regular Checkups

No matter how happy and healthy your dog seems to you, it’s still important to take them to the vet at least once a year. These trained professionals will be able to inform you of any potential issues and provide guidance on your dog’s care. 

6. Take Them to the Groomer or Groom Them at Home


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Additionally, most dogs will need to be groomed — whether you take them to a groomer or do it yourself at home. Make sure that their nails are clipped, their fur is brushed, and their ears are clean. 

7. Keep Up With Your Preventive Medications

Outside the vet, you need to keep up with your dog’s preventive medications to keep them healthy. Specifically, you need to give them flea, tick, and heartworm prevention medication as directed by your veterinarian to prevent disease. 

8. Socialize Them With Other Humans and Dogs

Finally, you need to socialize your dog with other humans and dogs so that they can thrive outside your home. Set up playdates with other dogs and take your dogs to parks, downtown areas, stores, etc. to help them adjust to different environments. 

Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy With Bougie Barks

Good nutrition acts as the foundation of a happy and healthy dog. Bougie Bakes recognizes this and uses the best ingredients in our dog cookies to give your furry friend the life they deserve — one that’s filled with plenty of treats, toys, and adventures. 


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