Free Shipping on Orders $45 and Up! We Ship on Mondays and Thursdays

Free Shipping on Orders $45 and Up! We Ship on Mondays and Thursdays



Hiya, Bougie Babe!  We're Megan & Meghan (the Megs), and we're the co-founders of Bougie Bakes.   We met just a few months after Meghan moved from NYC to LA with her now husband, Ryan.  She was on the hunt for a personal trainer and nutritionist to help get her into the best shape of her life for her wedding.  She started training with Megan, and their friendship quickly blossomed.  Megan made a batch of her (now bougie) chocolate chip cookies for her girlfriends one Galentine's Day, and they were such a hit that she knew she was onto something.  After sampling just one, the other Meg wanted nothing more than to be involved in scaling the business so they could be made available to everyone.  They're just that good!

Through her training, Megan gave Meghan a newfound passion for living a strong, healthy and balanced life, and we now strive to empower every babe who eats our Bougie Bakes to do the same.    

The Megs

Megan (without the h) is the Bougie Baker.  She is the (brunette) beauty & brains behind our bakes recipes, all of which she handcrafted herself by combining her degree in nutrition with her passion for healthy living.  Megan is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and former Kreation organic nutritonist.  

Meghan (with an h) is the Bougie Businesswoman.  She is the (blonde) beauty & brains behind all things marketing and operations, two fields in which she is well-versed having spent the last 10 years working as an executive at both start-ups and fortune 500 companies.