Free Shipping on Orders $45 & Up! 

Free Shipping on Orders $45 & Up! 



Bougie Bakes was founded by Meghan & Ryan Quinn out of a very common practice of "shredding for the wedding."  After they got engaged, Meghan was determined to finally get into the best shape of her life ahead of their wedding, and she started working with a personal trainer and nutritionist.  Like many of you, Meghan & Ryan had always both been active, but they didn't realize how important it was to be even more mindful of what you put into your body.  They couldn't see it at the time, but the consistent workouts were never going to erase the midnight snacking and sweet tooth cravings.  After spending some time focused on their diets and working alongside a nutritionist, Meghan & Ryan quickly realized just how good it can feel to live a healthy & balanced life and really started to see results.

With this newfound passion for living a strong, healthy and balanced life, they were determined to find healthier alternatives to some of their favorite sweets, because a lot of what they tried in the market fell flat.  With the help of a nutritionist, Bougie Bakes was born, and it is now their mission to bring these great alternatives to snacking to people just like them around the world.  We strongly believe life's too short not to indulge, but Bougie Bakes is committed to providing healthier alternatives to those indulgences.  Everything Bougie Bakes bakes and sells is gluten-free, dairy-free & sugar-free (yes, everything!) and we ship to customers nationwide.

Meghan is a Fortune 500 Marketing and Licensing Executive. She oversees our branding, marketing, and product development.

Ryan is a career startup Sales Director. He runs our operations and new business development strategies.